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~TWWOB - Book Six: 'Origins of The Boulware Papers' Politics, Business, Legal, & Marketing; "AI"~ (4693 hits)

TWWOB - Book Six:
'Origins of The Boulware Papers'

"The Boulware Papers!"
TWWOB: The Written Works Of Boulware!
Blogger, Origins - "The Boulware Papers" (6 E-Booklets)

~ Politics, Business, Legal, & Marketing; "AI" ~
Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.

Politics[ pol-i-tiks ]
noun (used with a singular or plural verb)
The science or art of political government. The practice or profession of conducting political affairs.
Political affairs:
The advocated reforms have become embroiled in politics. Political methods or maneuvers:
We could not approve of his politics in winning passage of the bill.
Political principles or opinions:
We avoided discussion of religion and politics. His politics are his own affair. Use of intrigue or strategy in obtaining any position of power or control, as in business, university, etc. (Initial capital letter, italics) a treatise (4th century b.c.) by Aristotle, dealing with the structure, organization, and administration of the state, especially the city-state as known in ancient Greece.

Business[ biz-nis ]
an occupation, profession, or trade:
His business is poultry farming. The purchase and sale of goods in an attempt to make a profit. A person, partnership, or corporation engaged in commerce, Manufacturing, or a service; profit-seeking enterprise or concern.Volume of trade; patronage:
Most of the store's business comes from local families.
Of, Noting, or Pertaining to business, its organization, or its procedures. Containing, suitable for, or welcoming business or commerce:
New York is a good business town...

Law - law1[ law ]
The principles and regulations established in a community by some authority and applicable to its people, whether in the form of legislation or of custom and policies recognized and enforced by judicial decision. Any written or positive rule or collection of rules prescribed under the authority of the state or nation, as by the people in its constitution.Compare bylaw, statute law. The controlling influence of such rules; the condition of society brought about by their observance:
Maintaining law and order. A system or collection of such rules. The department of knowledge concerned with these rules; jurisprudence:
To study law. The body of such rules concerned with a particular subject or derived from a particular source:
Commercial law. An act of the supreme legislative body of a state or nation, as distinguished from the constitution. The principles applied in the courts of common law, as distinguished from equity. The profession that deals with law and legal procedure:
To practice law. Legal action; litigation:
To go to law. A person, group, or agency acting officially to enforce the law:
The law arrived at the scene soon after the alarm went off. Any rule or injunction that must be obeyed:
Having a nourishing breakfast was an absolute law in our household. A rule or principle of proper conduct sanctioned by conscience, concepts of natural justice, or the will of a deity:
A moral law. A rule or manner of behavior that is instinctive or spontaneous:
the law of self-preservation.
(In philosophy, science, etc.) A statement of a relation or sequence of phenomena invariable under the same conditions.
a mathematical rule.
a principle based on the predictable consequences of an act, condition, etc.:
The law of supply and demand. A rule, principle, or convention regarded as governing the structure or the relationship of an element in the structure of something, as of a language or work of art:
The laws of play writing; the laws of grammar. A commandment or a revelation from God. (Sometimes initial capital letter) a divinely appointed order or system. The Law. Law of Moses. The preceptive/perceptive part of the Bible, especially of the New Testament, in contradistinction to its promises:
The law of Christ.
British Sports. an allowance of time or distance given a quarry or competitor in a race, as the head start given a fox before the hounds are set after it.
verb (used with object)
Chiefly Dialect. to sue or prosecute.

Permitted by law; lawful:
Such acts are not legal. Of or relating to law; connected with the law or its administration:
The legal profession. Appointed, established, or authorized by law; deriving authority from law.
A person who acts in a legal manner or with legal authority. An alien who has entered a country legally. A person whose status is protected by law. A fish or game animal, within specified size or weight limitations, that the law allows to be caught and kept during an appropriate season. A foreigner who conducts espionage against a host country while working there in a legitimate capacity, often in the diplomatic service. Legals, authorized investments that may be made by fiduciaries, as savings banks or trustees.

Marketing[ mahr-ki-ting]
The act of buying or selling in a market. The total of activities involved in the transfer of goods from the producer or seller to the consumer or buyer, including advertising, shipping, storing, and selling.
an open place or a covered building where buyers and sellers convene for the sale of goods; a marketplace:
A farmers' market.
A store for the sale of food:
A meat market.
A meeting of people for selling and buying. The assemblage of people at such a meeting. Trade or traffic, especially as regards a particular commodity:
The market in cotton. A body of persons carrying on extensive transactions in a specified commodity:
The cotton market. The field of trade or business:
The best shoes in the market. Demand for a commodity:
An unprecedented market for leather. A body of existing or potential buyers for specific goods or services:
The health-food market. A region in which goods and services are bought, sold, or used:
The foreign market; the New England market. Current price or value:
A rising market for shoes. Stock market.
Verb (used without object) To buy or sell in a market; deal. To buy food and provisions for the home. verb (used with object) To carry or send to market for disposal:
To market produce every week. To dispose of in a market; sell.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):
The capacity of a computer to perform operations analogous to learning and decision making in humans, as by an expert system, a program for CAD or CAM, or a program for the perception and recognition of shapes in computer vision systems. Abbreviation: AI, A.I.The study of the modelling of human mental functions by computer programs Abbreviation: AI... The ability of a computer or other machine to perform actions thought to require intelligence. Among these actions are logical deduction and inference, creativity, the ability to make decisions based on past experience or insufficient or conflicting information, and the ability to understand spoken language.
"The goal of research on artificial intelligence is to understand the nature of thought and intelligent behavior and to design intelligent systems. A computer is not really intelligent; it just follows directions very quickly. At the same time, it is the speed and memory of modern computers that allows researchers to manage the huge quantities of data necessary to model human thought and behavior. An intelligent machine would be more flexible than a computer and would engage in the kind of “thinking” that people actually do. An example is vision. In theory, a network of sensors combined with systems for interpreting the data could produce the kind of pattern recognition that we take for granted as seeing and understanding what we see. In fact, developing software that can recognize subtle differences in objects (such as those we use to recognize human faces) is very difficult. The recognition of differences that we can perceive without deliberate effort would require massive amounts of data and elaborate guidelines to be recognized by an artificial intelligence system. According to the famous Turing Test, proposed in 1950 by British mathematician and logician Alan Turing, a machine would be considered intelligent if it could convince human observers that another human, rather than a machine, was answering their questions in conversation."

~“The Role of Internet Marketing and Advertisement”~
"The World Wide Web (Internet) has changed from its user-friendly oriented tool into a sophisticated targeting tool for companies selling goods and/or services to bait and catch sucker system. Companies only wish to market their wares to consumers. The Net is also used for and by the government to keep track of its citizens – law enforcement to track illegal activity by users. Social networks, computer software developers, and e-commerce continually monitor information about users and their activity in this maelstrom of deception and foolery. This data is used to create files on Web searchers. Companies value these user profiles. They use the data to target consumers. The virtual shopping network feeds the sale for and of the real world products. The Net has become a place where “the user has now become the used!” Is Big Brother here to stay?"

~"The Victory Dance for the Over Fifty Plus"~
"Solid, Are you over the hill as described by the status quo? Well come on down and get in line for the dance. Do the 'Bop, Slop, and 'Cha-Cha...:-) The EEOC brought the lawsuit against the City of Greensboro under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) after the city failed to hire Terry Pearson (then age 58) as an electronic processes specialist within the city’s Guilford Metro 911 Division. The job was a technician’s position and generally involved maintenance of the city’s radio communication systems for first responders. Pearson had owned an electronics repair shop and had other substantial experience in electronics repair and maintenance through various technician jobs. The City of Greensboro has agreed to pay $91,000 and furnish other relief to settle an age discrimination lawsuit brought by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)."

~“Planned Disenfranchisement: Interdepartmental Conspiracy–Failure or A Simple Mistake?”~
"How many urban high school level “Baby Boomers” have been discouraged from attending college and/or college preparatory schools? I’ll probably never get the stats on that question. It goes without saying, many urbanite students: Black, White, Latino, Asian, and/or Bi-Racial; that think and/or thought about reaching for the higher goal, have been systematically disenfranchised and/or discouraged methodically by the powers that be, starting within the educational system, the systematic ‘Red Tape’ and administration backlogs have choked the forward motion of our country’s higher count of college level educated populace...Not to mention, "A Life-Time of Debt!""

~“Destruction and Creation – A New Jobs Hyperbole”~
"Technology, without a doubt, is and remains to be the biggest job creators in the country and quite possibly the world. In fact, our country has been bleeding jobs all over the shores of other countries. As many hierarchal “talking-heads” made promises regarding the mobile industry and public-private Wi-Fi networks, partnerships were being forged. These clandestine plans included Philadelphia, San Francisco, New York, and other smaller metro areas. They were all devising a way to create hundreds of thousands of jobs and close the digital divide as well. This challenge was being addressed with the implementation of heavily weighed underpinnings.
“Such large deployment are tenuous.""

~“Point and Click – The Electronic Contract”~
"In virtually every area of law, the use of the Internet to conduct business activities had raised new legal questions – or, more often, new variations on old questions. With respect to jurisdictions, this is certainly true, and cited in The Fundamentals of Business Law, authored by Roger Leroy Miller and Gaylord A. Jentz. “The bench is coming to some consensus regarding commerce cases before the courts that do not really fit into the categories and rules being developed by case law.” This point is the commerce clause in and of Interstate Commerce Regulations, “Pro Tempore” (for the time being)."

"Outsourcing, NAFTA, the hiring of so-called cheap-non taxable-uncontested-illegal immigrant labor has wrecked havoc on the nations’ economic stability. I can recall when one could walk out of one job setting and go directly across the street and get another job without blinking an eye - back in the day when the country was a powerhouse of manufacturing and self sustaining manufacturing qualities. Its people were proud to say “it’s made in America by Americans and we made it at our place of employment.” I can recall when fathers’ and mothers’ could tell their children stories of what they contributed to a certain product or what building they worked in and what building they helped to construct. It seems to me if employers want to hire “legal American Employees”, they could make the process a bit more appealing and less stressful. The reports that I have seen on the major networks always mention the unemployment figures only to exacerbate the financial status image of the country and/or to benchmark their ratings. After filing out a long drawn out application, with multiple profile pages, answering all of the questions over and over again; taking more than an hour to complete, receiving the email that reads - “we have received your application, should we find that you are a fit to what we are seeking - a representative will contact you”

~"Another Report on AGE DISCRIMINATION"~
"In determining the extent of its jurisdiction under USERRA (The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act), the Board examined the language of 38 USC Chapter 43 and the legislative history, and found that the statute limits the Board's authority in pure USERRA cases to determining whether the agency has violated USERRA. (According to the Board, pure USERRA cases are those involving personnel actions that are not otherwise appealable to the Board.) The Board pointed out that pure USERRA cases are not appeals of personnel actions. Rather, they are petitions for remedial action like Special Counsel petitions for corrective action and individual right of action (IRA) cases. It said that the Board may adjudicate (adjudication - to resolve legally – investigation and enforcement of rules – rule making) an allegation that the agency has not complied with USERRA and, if the Board determines that the complainant has proved this allegation, order remedial action. As remedial action, the Board may only order the agency to comply with USERRA and provide back pay."

~"Twice Beguiled"~
"Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you have additional rights, which are summarized in the attached “A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.” The telephone interview went well. The face-to-face interview date and time was set. The face-to-face interview came and passed. Several days went by and the anticipated telephone call arrived. The kind and friendly voice delivered the message of the job offer. A confirmation letter and contract also arrived via email. The attachment as well as an acceptance message within the message body of the email read:
“If you agree with the terms of this fixed term agreement, please sign in the space provided below and return the signed document to the Recruitment Department by fax to the below number.” Gracious complied with the request immediately.""

~“The Un-Obscure”~
"In light of the events that have, I think, brought pride, belief, and hope back into the life-line of the American Populace; I was reminded of some text that was shared among a few of my colleagues while studying at the Berean Institute. The author was unknown. I have attempted to locate this person who wrote a profound passage that has and shall remain engrained in my mind and I think in the minds of a few others as well. The following passage resonates with many men (and women) of color as well as the identification of the text therein:

~'How To Kick A Politician's Ass'~
"Many of you did not vote in the past… You Know Who You Are! The end result is always a kick in the ass for us; the poor, people of color, the so-called middle class, and those who are not rich. You/We most certainly always wind up getting the short end of the stick…getting what they give you. Did we deserve it? Hell Yeah! Why? Because we didn’t do what is/was needed and necessary to move or change things to the way they should be – ‘Fair, Just, and Respected!’
“That until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned: That until there are no longer first-class and second-class citizens of any nation; That until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes; That until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race! Vote - It's The only way to “Kick A Politicians Ass!”"

~"Play It Again Uncle Sam"~
"‘Charley Heston’ stood and shouted from the podium at one of the big N. R. A. meetings, “From My Cold Dead Hands!” Of course he was referring to the government or anybody else for that matter, taking his guns away. “WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS!”
That’s what many gun owners in America have most intrepidly boasted. They say it with great pride and confutation. However, what they do not know or understand, or choose to not know, or understand; they, in reality, don’t have that right at all. The 2nd Amendment of the ‘Constitution of The United States reads as follows:
A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. Now, in the hands of plain ordinary folk and kids, is assault weaponry - guns in the hands of the right people kill people too."

~“Politicians Be Damned – Statesmen Are Needed!”~
"Would you believe it if I told you that Dr. Martin Luther King, Frederick Douglas, or George Washington Carver were staunch Republican Members and Supporters of the party? How many of us have actually met or spoken to a “Black Republican?” Would you know of one who actually represents you and your community? What about the Asians, Latinos, Native Born Indians, and other non-white groups? How about Black Tea Party Members? What Defines a Republican, a Democrat, a Politician, or a Statesman?’ What is a ‘Republic’ as opposed to a ‘Democracy?’ In Philadelphia, republicans (media reporting records) are outnumbered nine to one, and African American Republicans are outnumbered by a ratio that’s too ridiculous to bother mentioning. That doesn’t mean Black Republicans don’t exist. Here in ‘Philly,’ there is a group called ‘The Philadelphia Republicans of Color (the Philly ROC). Believe it or not, some African American candidates do run for political office in this city – as Republicans.

~“Economic Blues – The Beat Goes On”~
"The Census Bureau reported that 43.6 million people lived in and or below the poverty level – 14.3% is the latest recording. I believe it’s much worse than that. Getting people back to work while creating a climate for an ailing populace where recovery is the most prominent concern facing our country. This situation is the most paramount topic of debate amongst economists. The American populace is suffering in the worst financial crisis since the “Great Depression.” It’s simply amazing how someone or some entity is constantly trying to sell you and me something. It doesn’t matter if it’s a service or a product; they want us to buy it. Do they care if you and me have no money? Have you heard the car commercial tell us that we can buy a new car with no money down? Do you remember at the end of the spiel, the quick speaking voice noted the stipulation of the purchase requirement(s)? The cadence is spoken with subtlety – direct and quick, “this message is for well qualified buyers only!”"

~“Service With A Smile”~
"You may contact the postmaster general through email at pmgceo@usps.gov or by calling the number 1-800-275-8777. This is the Washington DC headquarters. The clerk responded with, “Well since you have an attitude problem, I’m not going to give you the package!”
“Look Ma’am, never mind the attitude just give me the package, that’s been here for more than three days, and I’ll go. I have all of the necessary ID’s! This woman is my wife; we reside at the same location, and have been married for nearly forty-years! I’m going to file a complaint report!” The rude and discourteous clerk replied, “Go ahead, what makes you think that I care?” She turned her back and walked away. Then she returned and summoned the next customer, while I stood there waiting.This type of so-called professional behavior is unconscionable, let alone rude behavior from a clerk of the United States Postal Service! Is this how they, the postal workers are supposed to treat its seniors and/or the general public? Are we as citizens supposed to support and accept this type of treatment from a mail service?"

~'Selfie Renditions’~
"Many authors of yesteryear were basically self-published. They didn’t have a real choice in the matter. There wasn’t money to pay professional printers to publish and promote their messages. William Still and many other self-educated pioneers did “Selfies” to get the word out to the community. Many “Free-Press” operations were self-published authors and promoters in their own right. They got the word out without the generalization of professional printers, publishers, or promoters – they did it themselves. Many of these “Grass-Root” groups did have some equipment that aided in their publishing endeavors. Others simply relied on supporters who had the know-how. Either way, the word got out to the intended audiences – and they did it their way."

~No Game For Fools: “The Pulverization of Polarization In Politico”~
"The proverbial hoops are once again made ready for the onslaught of vernaculars, and circumcised oratories. The clouded crystal balls of probabilities and innuendos of righteousness spill out onto the masses. The chairs, benches, and podiums are filled to capacity as are the mass campaign promises on cardboard and plastic, filling the mailboxes throughout the land. Eyes and ears are bombarded while seats are filled atop guilt laden carpets that sneeze, weep, and cry of dirt upon heaps of dirt that is swept and pilled beneath. Make ready…for it is time once again for the improvisation of who’s gonna do it better, and from which orifice will the pollution flow? But flow it must, its election time. Who really cares..?"

~"It’s Not Too Late To Do The Right Thing!"~
"…The working class and poor seem to be the target of the rich and secure once again. When was the last time someone asked you for your opinion on the federal budget or how to spend tax payer money…your tax payer money? The folks in Washington pulled off a bigger Ponzi scheme than Bernie Madoff ever did. I will never understand how and why this country, or the world for that matter, can stand by and allow the double standard system of rules and its continuous practices. Today’s politics and its’ practitioners constantly bombard the masses with untruths and vile falsehoods. The following horde of these creatures, lend credence to the fact of Babylon, the Tower of Babel and Nimrod, displaying their arrogance and opposition to the Lord of Hosts.
“Who is the bigger fool, the fool who leads or the fool who follows?”
Beware! Verily, they are the fools, but they know not. And when they meet with those who believe, they say “We believe” but when they go apart to their devils, they say, “surely we are with you, verily, we did but mock.”
These are they who purchase error for guidance, hence their transaction profitteth them not, neither are they guided aright.
The likeness of them is like unto one who kindleth a fire, and when it lighteth all around him, God taketh away the light and leaveth them in darkness, they see not. They are deaf, dumb, and blind; hence they will return not from their darkness.
“Make ye not mischief in the Earth”

~“The Legal System and Technology in The 21st Century"~
"We are aware of the court stenographers and PC’s that record and track our legal system, but what about the C.G.A. System? The Computer Generated Animation Presentation can be admitted into our American Court System. Admissible Evidence in criminal trial(s) has been recorded as a precedent case ruled on by the Supreme Court. As reported by Asher Hawkins, of the Legal Intelligencer, differing arguments by six Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justices concluded that a Lackawana Common Pleas Judge properly admitted the use of CGA during a first-degree murder case in 2002. CGA has been portrayed on various television shows such as CSI Investigation(s) and Crime 360. Typically, a state court system will include several levels, or tiers, of courts – (a) trial courts of limited jurisdiction, (b) trail courts of general jurisdiction, (c) appellate courts, and (d) the states highest court (often referred to as the State Supreme Court). Anyone who is party to a lawsuit has the opportunity, and/or right, to plead his/her case before a trial court and then if he/she loses, before at least one level of appellate court. Furthermore, if a federal statute of federal constitutional issue is involved in the decision of the State Supreme Court, that decision may be further appealed to the United States Supreme Court. Have you ever wondered, with all the juris prudence (the science or philosophy of law, a body or system of laws, a department of law, Civil Law. decisions of courts, esp. of reviewing tribunals) activities flooding the land, how could the legal system function without technology?"

"As you may well be aware, in today’s economical scheme of things, working heads of households need to wear multiple chapeaus. When Mom is out – in all probability working – of the house, Dad kinda kicks in or replaces the Designated Primary Household Technician. Chapeau is often used as a generic expression of approval and appreciation in France and other parts of Europe; as a sign of admiration or respect, one shall indeed remove his hat. In the Anglophone heraldries, a chapeau or cap of maintenance is a specific kind of hat. It occurs as a charge, but also more importantly as an exterior ornament, signifying rank. What about multiple head gear worn outside of the home? How many jobs have you had or held in a lifetime…through or during your employment (employee or self-employment) career? Many employment analysts agree, being employed in more than two jobs in ten years is self-destructive to ones chances in the job market. Running a household is a daunting if not frightening task, especially if infants to teen-age children are in the mix, yes? And let us not forget Fido…the cat, the fish, the parrot and the parrotkeet, plants and yardcare with garden up-keep, the leaky roof, running errands, doctor visits, and grocery runs aren’t enough to warrant the “Mutltiple Hat Award”…then, I don’t know Jack!"

Til Next Time...









Posted By: Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.
Wednesday, April 1st 2020 at 1:29AM
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Thursday, April 2nd 2020 at 9:44PM
Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.

Congratulations on your 380th Mention!
The name “G. Boulware!”
386 papers mention G. Boulware Including one published by a member of the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Department at
University of CapeTown


Thursday, April 2nd 2020 at 11:22PM
Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.

The name “G. Boulware!”
391 papers mention Gregory V Boulware
77 highly cited papers mention your name


Thursday, April 2nd 2020 at 11:51PM
Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.
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