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All great achievements were once thought impossible... (3971 hits)

Open heart surgery, human flight, space travel, wireless communication... all of these seemed unrealistic goals until someone actually attempted them.

There are those who say that uniting and empowering the African American community is impossible.

Truthfully, it is impossible - if we keep trying the same things we've been doing for the past 40 years.

History has taught us a lot about what does work, and what doesn't.

Dependence upon government, apathetic attitudes towards education and self-sufficiency, criticizing White people, social engineering, and soapbox preaching don't work.

Entrepreneurship, discipline, and innovation do work. We have at our disposal one of the most vibrant and business-friendly economies in the world. As Americans, we have access to just about any manufactured product and natural resource on the planet. We also have access to a ready supply of labor, both here in the US or abroad.

Historically, wealth and power are achieved by two driving forces: ownership of resources, and the ability to provide something of value to your community or the world.

Our neighborhoods suffer because of lack of investment and ownership. Many people feel that they have little or no stake in their community, and don't take pride in its appearance or safety. Businesses are not created there, and as a result, our people are wanting in jobs and investment opportunities. Our finances are easily manipulated because we do not own the homes, stores, restaurants, factories, refineries, and banks that we patronize.

When our children attend schools that we build, fund, and manage, we won't have to worry about other hardheaded students disrupting their education, and our children will think twice before damaging their own books or furnishings.

There are many false leaders among us that are diverting our attention to pointless arguments and symbolic actions. It's time for the next generation of independent thinkers to stand up and take responsibility for where we are headed as a people.

As long as we feel the need to ask for our freedom, someone else will always be in a position to deny it to us. We must create our freedom through ownership of the things that will guarantee us and our children safety and prosperity.
Posted By: Jon C.
Wednesday, June 4th 2008 at 3:55PM
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Good to hear from you Jonathan. Nice thought provoking blog. What did you think about mine on intteracial marriage.
Wednesday, June 4th 2008 at 9:26PM
Candice Johnson
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