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Marion Jones: We still love you! (4276 hits)

I've been seeing the news all over the place about Marion Jones admitting to steroid use. I even saw a picture where she was crying...

I'm sorry, but maybe some folks do not agree with me, but I still respect and love Marion Jones for what she has accomplished and the type of person she appeared to be in the past.

Should she have told the truth about the substance she was accused of using? Yes.

Should she have used the substance in the first place? No.

Ok, so now that we have that clear, she made a mistake, and maybe it was an accident and not necessarily all her fault. My whole thing about the matter is that why must we kick a person when they are down and out!?

I'm sorry, but I'm not kicking my sister when she's down. I'd rather offer a hand and help her get back up on her feet. I believe as an athlete on that level she is probably exposed to more pressure than any of us will ever experience. No it's not an excuse, it's just a reality. Mix that with being young and female surrounded by (probably persuasive) males. I just think we should give her a chance to restore her image without kicking her while she's down....

I really don't like to see a sister, who is a role model, being beat up by the media to the point she's crying in public.
Posted By: Will Moss
Friday, October 5th 2007 at 7:08PM
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Darn shame Bro 4 my 2cents worth...
Saturday, October 6th 2007 at 5:32AM
Yes, I do agree sweety! We need to support each other during the good and the bad...we also need to stop giving people areason to criticize our race!
Saturday, October 6th 2007 at 8:27PM
Annette Robinson
No matter what happens, she is still one of the greatest female athletes to ever walk the face of the earth! No one can ever change that.
Saturday, October 6th 2007 at 10:32PM
Rosina Ezell
True... how many of us can imaging being in that position, a young athlete with thousands of people looking up to you nationwide and knowing that others in the sport have a "boost"? Would that make us more willing to think about it if someone handed us a drug and said "you'll never be able to compete at their level without it?"

Too many of our athletes (all races) are sucked into this trap. We should expect that when we watch an Olympic competition or a NFL / MLB game, it's athletes using their God-given talent and not cheating.

I think that this reflects on the athletics industry in America than it reflects on Marion Jones as an individual. I still have great respect for her.
Sunday, October 7th 2007 at 9:02AM
Jon C.
Via she was right or wrong I'm going to support her in any endeavor she takes on at this point. How many times have we been lied to by our own President of the United States? He still have not given me or my three siblings a reason on why our father has been sent to Iraq not once by twice and is currently still over there. So if her lying really offends people than what is the emotion they feel when Bush Address the Nation.
Danyelle, 21 years old from Washington, D.C.

Monday, October 8th 2007 at 8:18PM
Danyelle Johnson
Tuesday, October 9th 2007 at 2:51PM
glenn tipton jr
I'm split on the issue. I definitely feel we shouldn't kick her while she's down, but we should definitely learn from her experience. The issue is admitting when we've done wrong. All of us have transgressions in our past, but when confronted with those evil deeds do we lie about it, or give ourselves and others the opportunity to grow and learn from our mistakes? Unfortunately it appears she chose to lie and that's sadder than seeing her crying in public.
Wednesday, October 10th 2007 at 3:52PM
Daniel Moss
I absolutely agree with you that we should love and embrace Marion Jones in her "storm." I believe this experience will convict her in such a way, that her mind will be transformed and her life will change dramatically.

If the experience alone does not convict her, then the realization of how her actions have affected other people will convict her. The International Olympic Committee not only has asked Jones to surrender her medals up, but also, the members of the relay team Jones was on has been asked to do the same. One of those team members appeared on television earlier this week trying to figure out why she has to give up her medal when she did nothing wrong. Unfortunately, track and field is a unique sport in that if one person cheats, the whole team is penalized. Years of hard work and training gone down the drain because of the actions of one person.

Something else to consider: in Jones' individual events where she won the gold, somebody had to win a silver medal or settle for second place. Because of Jones' indiscretions, the silver medalists in the events where Jones won the gold did not receive the press, fame, or the lucrative TV endorsements that Jones received. We will probably never know who those individuals are. I believe that once Marion realizes what she has done to the people who trained and did things the right way, she will begin to experience true redemption.
Friday, October 12th 2007 at 10:16AM
Alban Burney
This shows you that only when they love you and you are in the light things like this goes on.One if anyone knows her background know that she didn't need the drug. She was a bad -ss athlete. Blacks are one of the only race of people that can compete at a hi level in many sports at the same time and get paid for it as a pro. But when they feel your going against the grain this is how they react. Never mind all the record Mark M. set under roids!!!!!! Or the others that are under and stay under the radar! Also she did say no when her ex was in trouble.Whats in the dark comes to light, she just got cought up in the hype! All the things on tv are ont for us.They are not realy talking to us but they can't say not for people of color.Back in the day we played all day then whent to practice. Now almost every kid is using drug inhancements and all of our talent is still on the streets !!!!WOW
Friday, October 12th 2007 at 8:34PM
eldon maggett
I too am going to support Marion Jones in whatever. She could have continued to carry that lie with her for eternity but she chose to speak out and free her soul. We need to stop spending so much time hating and be there for support. I applaud her decision to come forward with the truth and have much respect and love for her. She should hold her head up for being brave enough to do what she did on national television. My prayers are with her.
Monday, October 15th 2007 at 12:22PM
Cindy Jones
It is unfortunate that Marion Jones has been in the spot light lately, but let's get real here. What she did was take a control substance and repeatedly lie about it when asked about it, she came out and denied all allegations to steriod use and even attempted to sue the doctor that prescribed the steriods to her, stating that he was lying and defaming her character by stating the "truth". A mistake is when you have done something wrong and acknowledge the wrong and take steps to correct it and accept full responsiblity for your action. Marion Jones did not do this instead, she opted to lie and attempt to cover up what she did, hoping it would all go away. I am not for kicking anyone when they are down, I do believe in holding individuals accountable for their actions especially when their actions have the ability to effect and have an impact on others that competed fairly without controlled substances to help their performance. Just as Floyd Landis was strip of the Tour de France title and money for winning and later testing positive for steriod use, Marion should be no exception, because what she did was cheat and have an unfair advantage over the other competitors that competed without performance enhancing drugs. It is a hard lesson that she has to learn, but one I am quit sure she will not soon forget. You can still love & support Marion, but I do not believe she is being unfairly targeted by the media. Like any other story that will bring in the most ratings they are going to go after what they believe will generate the highest rating.
Monday, October 15th 2007 at 1:12PM
Rosiland Jackson
Well, I still ove Marion Jones!She is a strong woman for evern admitting that she had done wrong and I love her for that!
Tuesday, October 16th 2007 at 2:43PM
Jacquea Olday
Jus adding a second comment, I think to much is given much is owed and sometimes the more we do the more we reap. No pun intended to Ms. Jones, but she did make quite a few comments herself against others on steroids. I read a recent newspaper article about Ms. Marion, some lawsuits were mentioned against people that Marion initiated to sue them for their comments and associations with steroids.
Less be real, soo many lies, manipulation and deceit and now even her teammates of the past are in trouble to lose their medals, this is compounded by the fact of those who may have worked hard without the benefits of steroids, what about those who came in second and lost the financial benefits Marion enjoyed at their expense?
I'm just being fair and i do believe Marion when you think about she went through any means necessary to cover her trail, admits now due to no choice.
Just think about it.
I do respect the show of love and support, we have all done wrong, but how many of us have cost soo many others? How many of us have trained for life, hoping for a better way of life to go up against a cheater and a liar, lose, retire and live lives that could have been so much better? Lets think about those who are past the age to compete now that even if given medals they were cheated out of, cannot bring back the moment in time when they could have most benefitted. Thats ultimate selfishness in my book. Lets think about blogs for all those who lost medals. And of course marion was a great athlete that had a basketball career and enhanced what she already had in talent and lack of faith in God since having to cheat.
Anyway, just being honest and meaning well.
peace to all and great to see hearts that stick up for people.
Tuesday, October 16th 2007 at 6:37PM
My whole point was not that she should be excused for any wrong doing. I definitely think she should be held responsible.

I was just saying, why does our media (and some of us) kick people when they are down? I am not for it. Plenty of people make mistakes and they pay for those mistakes as they should, but when someone is down and out, lets not commence to kicking... Why not look to the person and give them a chance for redemption for their wrong doings.
Tuesday, October 16th 2007 at 11:31PM
Will Moss
I am still wondering why she admitted taking enhancement drugs. In satan world and those that follow him, this is what's expected, cheating. If she didn't test positive why admit? I am like the messiah, "one can be in the world without being off the world. I choose to look from a distance at satan world.
Wednesday, October 17th 2007 at 8:39AM
phil marlow
We ALL have done things in the past that we are not proud of. The difference between her and us, we didn't get caught. No, she should not have lied but should we continue to kick her when she's down. I actully live here in North Carolina in the same town that she lives in, and the media went as far as posting her bank account balance in the paper. Yes, she was wrong but she's also human, she has a child, and she's going to have to deal with what she did for the rest of her natural life. She doesn't get a second chance to make it right. To me she's been punished enough!
Friday, October 19th 2007 at 9:05PM
Floriece Davis-Jones
Williams, hang-in there! I know that the burdens have been uplifted from you. "Man's way is to expose, but God's way is to forgive." I know He loves you and I do too.

Sis. Dee
Tuesday, October 23rd 2007 at 9:20PM
Delores Wright
all way will love you
Friday, November 16th 2007 at 12:00PM
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