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Get Into It & Get Involved...Be On The Right Side Of History And Support The Jena 6!! (2411 hits)

Read About A Perspective On The Backstory Behind The Jena 6:

Listen To The Jena 6 Special On W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio:

And As Always Look For Me In The Whirlwind...
R2C2H2 Tha Artivst

Jena 6 Special Summary

Thanks To Everyone For Tuning In And Downloading The Sunday July 29, 2007 Edition Of Tha Artivist Presents....W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio...Our Jena 6 Special Was One Of Our Highly Rated And Most Relevant Shows To Date...E-mails Have Been Pouring In From All Over Telling Me How Unbelievable This Story Of "Just Us" Is...People Also Stated That They Will Do Their Part to Eradicate This As Well As Other Things Still Being Produced From America's Twisted Legacy Of Racism...

Although Bro. Tony Brown the radio host couldn't join us for this important program because of a case of laryngitis, he nevertheless prove influential because he was the reason why many of us knew of this Jena 6 case in the first place...Bro. Brown has been using his very popular daily morning talk show 'Eyes Open With Tony Brown' as a platform to discuss The Jena 6 case...He was the one that gave the African American male youths the nickname in the first place and he has been on top of this case even before there was a case...He was the first to speak out about the September 2006 hangman nooses incident concerning "the whites only tree" that sparked the series of incidents which culminated in the arrest of six African American male youths known as The Jena 6...Even before The BBC and CNN was on the scene Bro. Brown was giving a blow by blow analysis of the situation from round one...I and many others thank him immensely for his selfless contributions in this important cause...He was definitely there with us in spirit...

Our scheduled guests included Sis. Tina Jones the mother of Bro. Bryant Ray Purvis (one of the Jena 6) and Bro. King Downing the Director of the ACLU National Campaign Against Racial Profiling...Our surprise guests included Bro. John Jenkins the father of Bro. Carwin Jones (one of the Jena 6) and Bro. Dell Hickman the lawyer for Bro. Bryant Ray Purvis...Breaking news was made when Bro. John Jenkins announced matter of factly that the infamous "whites only" tree was recently cut down and taken off the school premises...Even Bro. King Downing and Bro. Dell Hickman, people very close to this Jena 6 situation, weren't aware of this development...Thanks also goes to Bro. Morris Howard who always offer great insight and wisdom when he calls in a.k.a. a true fan and supporter!!!

Posted By: C H
Friday, July 27th 2007 at 12:36AM
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Charges Reduced In 'Jena 6' Attack

Tue Sep 4, 2:09 PM ET

Prosecutors on Tuesday reduced the attempted murder charges against two more teenagers among the "Jena Six," a group of black high school students who were arrested following an attack on a white schoolmate.

Five of the teens were originally charged with attempted second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder, carrying sentences of up to 80 years in prison. The sixth faces undisclosed juvenile charges.

Civil rights advocates have decried the charges as unfairly harsh.

On Tuesday, charges against Carwin Jones and Theo Shaw were reduced to aggravated second-degree battery and conspiracy. That same reduction was made earlier for Mychal Bell, who was tried and found guilty and could be sentenced to 22 1/2 years at a hearing Sept. 20.

Also awaiting trial are Robert Bailey Jr. and Bryant Purvis, who still face attempted murder charges, and the unidentified juvenile.

The attack on Justin Barker, 18, came amid tense race relations in Jena, a mostly white town of 3,000 in north-central Louisiana where racial tensions have grown since incidents that started last school year at Jena High. After a black student sat under a tree on the school campus where white students traditionally congregated, three nooses were hung in the tree.

Students accused of placing the nooses were suspended from school for a short period.

The six black students were accused of beating and kicking Barker on Dec. 4. A motive for the attack was never established. Barker was treated at a hospital emergency room and released after about three hours.

Shaw's attorney, George Tucker, said Tuesday that he still doesn't believe his client will get a fair trial in Jena.

Shaw himself has dreams of attending Gramling State University. "Just drop all the charges and let us go on with our lives," the teenager told CNN Tuesday.

More Jena 6 On W.E. A.L.L B.E.:
Saturday, September 8th 2007 at 12:29AM
Please Join Us Once Again As We Take A Look At The 'Just Us' System As Well As At The Power Of The Internet To Empower the Masses By Disseminating The Information That The Mainstream Corporate Media Doesn't Want You To Have On This Upcoming Sunday's Edition Of Tha Artivist Presents...W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio...

1.) We Will Be Having Another Jena 6 Update
Our Guests For That Segment Includes...
A.) Bro. Marcus Jones , the father of Bro. Mychal Bell, the only Jena 6 member who is still in prison and was denied bail last week after a successful Jena 6 Rally.
B.) Bro. Dell Hickman, the attorney for Jena 6 Member Bryant Ray Purvis
2.) Internet Campaigning And Grassroots Organizing Gets A Wrongly Convicted Black Man Off Death Row In TEXAS!!!

Learn how the internet and grassroots organizing helped save a wrongfully convicted Black man, Kenneth Foster, from getting executed by the State of Texas on August 30, 2007...

Our Special Guest For This Segment Will Be...

A.) Bro. Alex Billet~ A journalist who was active in writing articles about the Kenneth Foster case...He is also a music journalist and activist living in
Washington D.C. He is a frequent contributor to Dissident Voice and
Znet, and has also appeared in Socialist Worker, CounterPunch and MR
Zine. His blog Rebel Frequencies can be viewed at http://www.rebelfrequencies.blogspot.com, and he may be reached at:
3.) Mississippi Burning Again...This Time It's Voter Fraud...

It's 2007 But It Seems Like 1957!!! On August 10, 2007 Sis. Louise Linzy, the first Black woman police officer in Tunica County, Ms. (home of the second largest gambling mecca in the country behind Las Vegas) was denied another historic achievement when the county refused to count votes that would have made her the first Black as well as woman judge in Tunica County...

Our Special Guest Will Be...

A.) Sis. Louise Linzy

Please Listen To The Show Live Every Sunday @ 4PM CST/ 5PM EST By Accessing The Following Link:

Please Be Our Invited Guest By Calling Us Live @ 646-652-4593 Or E-mailing Us Your Questions And Comments @ r2c2h2@gmail.com

Thursday, September 27th 2007 at 2:43AM
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