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This Doctor Destroys the Myth Ingrown hairs cause Razor Bumps Here is the truth!!! (958 hits)

Unveiling the Truth: Dr. Aloysius Anaebonam's Groundbreaking Revelation on Shaving Bumps in Black Skin

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In the vast realm of skincare and dermatology, some discoveries stand out as particularly groundbreaking. One such groundbreaking revelation was made by none other than Dr. Aloysius Anaebonam, a world-renowned authority on skincare and shaving bump treatment. Dr. Anaebonam's pioneering research, dating back to 1999, uncovered a revolutionary finding that has since shaped our understanding of shaving bumps in black skin. In this blog post, we delve into the intricate details of his research, exploring its methodology, key findings, and the implications that have reverberated throughout the field of dermatology.

Unraveling the Mystery: Methodology and Key Findings:

Dr. Anaebonam's research embarked on a quest to uncover the root cause of the heightened occurrence of shaving bumps in black skin. Contrary to prevailing wisdom, which attributed razor bumps solely to ingrown hairs, his study sought to challenge this assumption. Employing a meticulous and groundbreaking approach, Dr. Anaebonam conducted a comprehensive analysis of the phenomenon.

His research revealed that melanin, the pigment responsible for skin color, played a pivotal role in the formation of shaving bumps in black individuals. Through careful examination of numerous cases, Dr. Anaebonam observed a consistent pattern of melanin level and degree of severity of Shaving Bumps. This irrefutable evidence pointed towards melanin as the primary culprit behind the exacerbation of shaving bumps in black Skin. By astutely linking melanin to this common skincare challenge, Dr. Anaebonam shattered the long-standing belief that ingrown hairs were the sole cause.

Debunking the Ingrown Hair Myth:

For decades, dermatology professionals had woven a narrative that razor bumps among people with black skin were primarily caused by ingrown hairs – “that Shaving Bumps are caused by ingrown hairs - wiry, curly hairs cut at an angle that curl and grow back into the skin".

This prevailing belief is not possible based on the structure of the Stratum Corneum and the fact that “for hair to curl and grow back into the skin requires a significant length of hair grown over several days while we know that Shaving Bump formation is an acute reaction that occurs usually within 24 hours of shaving or hair removal”. This erroneous belief that led to a wealth of treatments targeting “ingrown hairs including [not recommended] use of tweezers to pull out the “ingrown hairs” resulting in additional skin damage followed by Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.. However, Dr. Anaebonam's breakthrough research intrinsically debunked this popular assumption. By identifying the crucial role played by melanin [especially in Black Skin], he unveiled a new path towards understanding, treating, and preventing shaving bumps more effectively.

Underlying Mechanisms Explained:

Dr. Anaebonam summarized his postulation as follows:

Shaving Bumps are Primarily caused by Trauma from Shaving, resulting in inflammation of the shaved area manifested as "bumps" as the body reacts to the trauma, compounded at times by Bacterial/Fun­ gal Infections

Induction of Melanogenesis by irritated Keratinocytes in response to the Trauma from Shaving results in the production of additional Inflammatory Mediators (ROS and Cytokines) by melanocytes, melanosomes and melanin further exacerbating the condition (this is the main reason why men of color with higher Melanocytes activity, greater number of melanosomes and higher melanin content have a higher incidence of shaving bumps.

Dr Anebonam further explained that Compared to white skin:

Black skin contains higher levels of eumelanin, larger and more melanosomes and higher melanogenic activity.

Black skin melanin absorbs 2 times as much UV radiation producing reactive oxygen species.

Black skin has larger mast cell granules, which may also be responsible for additional inflammatory mediators being produced in black skin in response to trauma from shaving.

The epidermis of black skin contains less Glutathione. Glutathione is an important antioxidant key to preventing damage to important cellular components caused by reactive oxygen species such as free radicals, peroxides and lipid peroxides.
Black skin is more sensitive and has more and larger fibroblasts. The fibroblasts in black skin are also more multi-nucleated. This can lead to more abnormal scarring and keloid formation

Significance for Individuals with Black Skin and Dermatology
The significance of Dr. Anaebonam's breakthrough is immeasurable, particularly for individuals with black skin who have long suffered the discomfort of shaving bumps. Armed with this newfound knowledge, skincare specialists and dermatologists can tailor treatments that specifically target melanin-related inflammation, offering hope for a more effective resolution to this persistent issue. Additionally, this monumental discovery has redefined skincare, challenging long-held assumptions and transforming our understanding of the intricate dynamics of skin physiology.

Dr. Aloysius Anaebonam's pioneering research on shaving bumps in black skin has forever changed the landscape of dermatology. By identifying melanin as the primary reason why Black Skin is disproportionately affected by Severe Shaving Bumps. His groundbreaking work debunked the ingrained belief that ingrown hairs were solely responsible. Dr. Anaebonam's contribution has not only broadened our scientific understanding but also improved the lives of countless individuals pining for a solution to shaving bumps.

Dr Anaebonam also noted his mission to ensure that BREEJ Products are made available to the Entire US Armed Forces, Police and Fire Departments so that Predominately Black Service men will no longer have to deal with Shaving Waivers and Passes that have affected their Service Safety, Professional Assignments and Promotions

Aloysius Onyeabo Anaebonam, B. Pharm.; PhD
Founder & Chief Scientist BREEJ Technologies
@ BREEJ, we are advancing the Science of Shaving

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Generally associated with shaving, razor bump or shaving bump is a skin condition whose real cause and best method of treatment had, for many years, been a source of concern among skincare experts. One man however rose to turn the tide with his groundbreaking explanation of the biochemistry of shaving bumps formation.

Meet Dr. Aloysius Anaebonam, a renowned international expert on skincare and shaving bumps treatment. In 1999, he became the first scientist to correctly implicate melanin as being responsible for the higher incidence of shaving bumps in black skin.

Dr. Anaebonam elucidated and published the biochemical pathways involved in shaving bumps formation and developed a comprehensive ten-product line for its resolution and prevention. He holds 12 United States pharmaceutical patents, and is a co-author of a chapter in the Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Technology and the Pharmaceutical Textbook, Tablets Volume II.

Dr. Anaebonam has over 30 years pharmaceutical and cosmetic technology experience, including formulation development and testing, analytical method development, quality control, stability testing, process development and scale-up, manufacturing, packaging, validations, regulatory affairs and business development.

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Posted By: rickey johnson
Friday, December 22nd 2023 at 1:51PM
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