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~ "The Fall of Light": Chapter 6: 'Starvation' - "My Brother's Keeper" ~ (2150 hits)

Chapter 6: 'Starvation' - "My Brother's Keeper"

"The Fall of Light": Pt.6 'Starvation' - "My Brother's Keeper"
Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.

"It's not possible that this is happening to us...we the people of the United States of America!" Who is looking out for us? Where oh where are our governmental leaders? Where are they?

Seeing and experiencing this catastrophe, reminded me of footage I'v seen on television broadcasts of people; survivors of earthquakes, twisters, and hurricanes...bombeb-out war zones! Footage of this sort was broadcast on a regualar basis via the news media, PBS, and many information venues.

Veterans often reminded those of us within ear-shot, of the tragedies witnessed and created by participants, voluntary or not, of war campaigns. The conversation often surrounded current events that have befallen us. Hurricanes have desimated the southern regions of the country as well as the surrounding Carribean and Latino Islands.
We've found it interesting how the southern regions, damned near simultaneously received disaster funds and relief while the Puerto Rican Islands and those inhabited by people of color, got a "foot-dragging" and explanations of how and why aid couldn't get to them.


Current Headlines from newspapers found floating on the wind, along the war-torn streets of 'Germantown' as we trod along; was seen to read:

"Donald Trump Refuses to Send More Aid to Puerto Rico, Citing Business Interests"
Chris Riotta, Newsweek

"Donald Trump has made it clear his administration isn't planning to allow any additional outside aid to get into Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

Speaking with reporters on Wednesday afternoon, the president cited business interests as the reason for refusing calls from lawmakers and activists to allow international organizations and governments to ship aid to the island.

Trump said he was initially considering whether to implement a temporary waiver of the Jones Act to allow it, but decided against doing so as "a lot of people that work in the shipping industry…don’t want the Jones Act lifted."

Also called the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, the Jones Act requires all goods shipped between American ports to be on ships built, owned and operated in the United States.

The refusal to work with intergovernmental networks eager to supply aid to the devastated island was then echoed by Trump’s Department of Homeland Security. "Based on consultation with other federal agencies," spokesman David Lapan said Wednesday, "DHS's current assessment is that there is sufficient numbers of U.S.-flagged vessels to move commodities to Puerto Rico."

The department did waive the Jones Act to aid Houston and parts of Florida that were ravaged by hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Senator John McCain, who has repeatedly fought to repeal the act, slammed the Department of Homeland Security for failing to extend the same relief efforts to Puerto Rico that it provided to parts of the mainland United States.

"It is unacceptable to force the people of Puerto Rico to pay at least twice as much for food, clean drinking water, supplies and infrastructure due to Jones Act requirements as they work to recover from this disaster," the Republican McCain wrote in a letter to the department on Tuesday. "Now, more than ever, it is time to realize the devastating effect of this policy and implement a full repeal of this archaic and burdensome Act."

Proponents of the Jones Act say that without it, the country would be forced to rely on cheaper international ships operated by foreign workers and put American vessels in a more crowded and less efficient shipping environment.

Temporarily waiving the Jones Act for Puerto Rico "would take American first responders out of the loop and replace them with Filipino or Russian or Chinese crews," Michael Roberts, senior vice president and general counsel at Crowley Maritime Corporation, told The Wall Street Journal Wednesday. "Doing that at a time when many U.S. mariners in this region have had their homes damaged, their lives uprooted and now they need to work, to take that away is not something you want to do."

Proponents of the Jones Act say that without it, the country would be forced to rely on cheaper international ships operated by foreign workers and put American vessels in a more crowded and less efficient shipping environment.

Temporarily waiving the Jones Act for Puerto Rico "would take American first responders out of the loop and replace them with Filipino or Russian or Chinese crews," Michael Roberts, senior vice president and general counsel at Crowley Maritime Corporation, told The Wall Street Journal Wednesday. "Doing that at a time when many U.S. mariners in this region have had their homes damaged, their lives uprooted and now they need to work, to take that away is not something you want to do.""

It's amazing how we can remember things that were taken for granted...it could never happen to me was the order and mind-set of the times. World War is the order of the day...'North Korea' will not back down; 'Iran' and 'Iraq' are both anxious with unexpected anticipation as to what this new regime will do next in upsetting "World Peace" and causing an end to us all via a 'Nuclear Holocaust!'

People from 'New Orleans' were and have continued to suffer homelessness and displacement for more than five or six years after their hurricane disaster. The folks who were damaged by the "911 Attack" are still realing from continued turmoil and false promises from the 'powers that be.' And yet, again, "it couldn't happen to us!"


And now, it's our turn...the populace of the entire United States Government to feel the pain and suffering of the chosen, the neglected. I wondered what has happened to the "Shut-In's," the people in Nursing Homes, the Parapelegic, The Babies in hospitals and other Nurseries? What has happened to these people? Am I My Brother's Keeper? What am I supposed to do? I can't even keep me and Stevie alive for more than a day or two!

There wasn't any print regarding what the so-called president would or wouldn't do... Death was all around us. The stinch of dead and dying bodies seemed endless as we made our way back into the old neighborhood. We ran as if our lives depended on it...****, our lives did depend on our getting back and out of sight of the damned machines.

We ducked and dodged the explosions as best we could. The killer machines, as I was absolutely sure had spoted us, was targeting someone else. This old soldier... He had to be not younger than eighty years old, was throwing handgrenades at the monsters. He was cursing up a storm too.

"You Mother****ers killed my wife and grandbabies! You son-of-a-***ing-bastards must pay!"

He shot at them with his war relec, an old M-16 Automatic Rifle. On his back was strapped an over-and-under 16 gauge, double barrelled shot gun. On the other shoulder was strapped the most up-to-date-and-modernized bow and arrow outfit that I had ever seen. This old man was strapped for bear! He wasn't ****in around either!

Unfortunately, there was little the old man could do, just like the valient defenders that have fallen before him. Me and Dre made it back to Walnut Lane. The monsters had trampled all throughout the neighborhood. There were many mindless victims walking all about. They were simple walking without direction or thought...simply mindless. I felt more pain for them than me and Stevie.

"Dre...we have as much provisions as we need for now. It's no since trying to get stuff that we can't keep, so let's concentrate on the stuff that we know will. The stores in any and mostly all neighborhoods try to stock as many canned goods as they can, right?"

"Yeah," said Dre.

"There was also alot of old folk, like Ms. Gerry around the corner, who stocked can goods right?"

"Yeah, that's right Russ., she also kept alot of beer and booze in the basement too!"

"Well man, we can't seem to get the hell out of here right now, so I think we should make the best of it and "Chill-lax," like the kids would all say. I know where some other goodies were left by the dead drug-dealers we spotted awhile back, remember?"

"If they just left some really good weed, I'd be happy Bro."

"Yeah, I hear ya. Let's get to huntin, 'Homes'!"

Til Next Time...


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Posted By: Gregory Boulware, Esq.
Saturday, March 31st 2018 at 11:21AM
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Sunday, May 6th 2018 at 5:46PM
Gregory Boulware, Esq.
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