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White America had ample time (500 years) to resolve its slave-racism problems! (4383 hits)

The time White America had been up until I was anointed. What brought on my anointing is the pains of Black America’s hearts as the time pasted. Our pains or our silent spiritual crying out from our hearts it finally reached the ears o God if you will.

All the time the slaves/Black Americans are spiritually and silently crying out to God for help despite the old slave-masters mis-led us to believe in their the Jewish Jesus. Our pains White America could not stop them because they are the ones causing our hearts to pain..

We were burned. We were hung. We are shot down. We are choked to death in this modern day and time. Mothers are crying. Father are crying. President Obama cried out. Before President Obama President LBJ cried out for us and before him was JFK. Two White presidents cried out for us and yet White America as a whole continued to pain us in other sorts of ways. Everybody is crying out yet the White police continue to kill us. These are pains of the heart despite having a smile on our faces to please the old White slave masters. White America’s bankers and the criminal justice system takes advantage of us; they are causing our pains and there is nothing we can do about it except to cry out to God as the Children of Israel did!

At this point there is nothing White America can do accept for what we want and we want White America to LET my PEOPLE GO. Letting us go means our sovereignty in a country of our own and that territory is about 1/5 if United States. It is this way because the Old White Slave Masters brought us a New race of people by continuously breeding with their slaves until President Lincoln outlawed plantation slavery. Yet White America continued to kill us in many ways. The KKK is one way.

Since White America could not solve our problems now God must solve the problem. How you would know that it is in God’s hands if you will is because Black America now have our first genuine prophet, Prophet Harry.

Who has explained our situation as eloquently, analytically and rationally as I have? NO ONE!

Did I cover all four bases to make and in field home run? Black Americans give it up for Prophet Harry!! We (the prophet and his people) belong to each other! Thou shall not have any foreign prophets. Thou shall have but ONE true prophet and that prophet must be a Black American.

You all are going to see things happen that you have never seen or expected to see happen and you heard it first from Prophet Harry.
Posted By: Harry Watley
Wednesday, December 17th 2014 at 9:11PM
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