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Black Youth: Once you turn 18 should FREE yourself from Christian parents religion (1738 hits)

Not much can a black child do about worshipping the white man's religions prior to 18 years of age. They need a home and food to eat. But, when they become an adult is when they should rebel the religion that fosters a hate thyself theology. Each generation of blacks are smarter than the previous. There is no need for young black adults to remain a Christian to have to LOVE THY ENEMY. God destroys HIS enemies. He drowns them as in the days of Noah and by fire as in the days of Lot. Black youth need not wait on a man that the White man murdered to come back from the dead after 2000 years to save them. At 18 on up, Blacks should challenge their Christian parent belief in the slavemaking religion and the religion that hung their foreparents during American Slavery.

Now, all the Christian black parents can say is ' give me Jesus " .........a great man that spoke truth that is dead. There were many of great men, but if they die they don't come back. So as SOON as black youth become 18.....the very next day.......they need to tell their Christian black parents...with all due respect....to "GIVE THE WHITE MAN BACK HIS RELIGION, HIS NAME AND HIS CULTURE". Now that you are 18 you want to love yourself and know yourself and do for yourself. You do not want to wait on no one DEAD to come back no matter how wonderful the choir may be or how many times you say amen. Instead as a new 18 year old, you want to believe in the living and what living life can mean when you love THYSELF.

21st Century Vision for Black America
Posted By: Jamal Abraham
Friday, August 6th 2010 at 5:02PM
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Jamal there are a lot of valid points to your premise. I disagree that parents should mandate that their children go to church. As a youth, I felt that the rudiments of religiosity were being rammed down my throat. I agree that there is merit to training and teaching a child good moral character and values, however, these tends to be a double standard with adults. Church - or whatever people are calling it these days...has its place in society, but in my opinion it has become more about the "show" and less about the "tell." Too many ministries are falling by the wayside because they have gone away from teaching and training on the substance of faith and decent living. Good post and thanks for causing me to stop, read it, and respond. -DrReg
Friday, December 31st 2010 at 3:25AM
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