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Knowledge, be careful of its source .. (3136 hits)

“At the root of every civilization is a knowledge, inherent in which is an idea that gives energy and direction to that knowledge. But if the idea at the root of that knowledge and civilization is finite, then the world that comes as a result of that knowledge is also finite. It has an end.”

Minister Louis Farrakhan
The Education Challenge: A New Educational Paradigm
for the 21st Century, delivered August 3, 2008

This morning I awakened thinking about The Honorable Minister for no particular reason, than it came to my mind what an incredibly well read, exposed and an analytical thinker he is whose scope and breathe of information is so varied that I often marvel at how he brings that knowledge to the masses of followers in terms that are comprehensible.

There is so much misinformation out there, so many obsolete thoughts, (finite) that books written by those authors are discarded by libraries every day, all around this country.

True knowledge comes from constant information or intelligence gathering, comparisons, and time out for reflection and analysis. When one reaches a point where they have read voluminous works on a myriad of subjects, one begins to automatically edit for conceptual errors while perusing the subject matter.

As an example;Wonders of the African World by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. written in 1999. As a sociologist, this ethnography normally the bastion of
my peers, anthropologists, is an empirical account of what he observed while traveling through 12 countries in search of Africa's magnificent past.

It describes, sometimes questions, and includes historical truths about its inhabitants and those of us in the diaspora. It is a beautifully and sensitively written chronicle. It is not totally objective, nor devoid of ethnocentrism, but it is an attempt to collate this vast, multi-tiered, history in a vacumn of time and space.

Authors are people. They have challenges in their personal lives, and how they handle them is what you see and feel beneath their words. Today am not so gung -ho about Dr. Gates. Firstly his DNA project is not validated at its source and the information gathered from the testing is skewed and incorrect. Oprah's endorsement has nothing to do with the hard science of genetics. Thus if you wanted to really understand the DNA project he has embraced, you should understand genetics.

In politics, a man of his stature, should have handled himself with dignity and grace, when approached at his home, by racially motivated police officers. When he started to whine, about his wife was "white" he divulged a lot to those of us who understand what and who was the "Spook Who Sat by the Door."

It is paramount by brothers and sisters, and you are the only audience to whom I use those terms that metaphor, simile, sophistry is understood. That you can read the line between the lines.

Here is another example: President Obama, just got his H1N1 vaccine. Those of us, who have taken the initiative to read both the pros and cons of vaccinations, probably have opted not to receive the vaccine. However, he may feel personally? as the Commander-In-Chief he has to abide by the status quo and society's expectation. That's the game. The game that the Honorable Minister understands so explicitly. We know that at least one segment of the American Population has an opportunity to really hear the truth.

Posted By: Marta Fernandez
Tuesday, December 22nd 2009 at 11:26AM
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Greetings Sister Marta,

My prayer is that you are at peace. Thanks for posting a thought-provoking question. The Black nation clearly has much work to do.

Lots of people are confused today because they’ve made the mistake of listening to the opinions of others. Yes, I am guilty of doing this myself at times. I recommend that we forget all of the opinions that you’ve heard including those of your parents. And your questions concerning our President obama is explained very plainly and clearly in all of his works. But if you mix what the President and the Minister stand for (freedom, justice, and equality) with the opinions of deceptive people, we will never get understanding.

Many people are in doubt as to the reality of our President elected into office specifically to aid all our people and raising us from among the evils of this society. Many of us refer to obama as the Messiah. But if you study history, you'll find that it has always been the way of Allah to bring civilization to a people who are most in need. Just as He has raised other nations into the light of civilization and power, likewise, He has come to America to raise the lost but now found American so-called Negro into civilization. In other words, if Allah can show Divine mercy and bring civilization to other cultures throughout history, we should naturally expect Him to do this for us today for this is His historical pattern and He does not change.

This my friend, is why we need to seriously study the teachings of Allah’s Divinely-raised Minister Louis Farrakhan so that we gain the proper knowledge, wisdom and understanding and thus, become collectively, a great success. Sorry but others do not have this Divine light though they may brag and pretend to have this. And, oh yes dear Sisterr, everything that Elijah Muhammad taught us is coming to pass as we speak. As you study his teachings, it will become quite clear to you.

When we stop listening to the opinions of liars and slanderers and who pretend to speak for Obama, and once we start studying and practicing what he actually stands for, then, we will see success. It does us no good to continue running from what he actually taught but then pretend that we have no solution for the ills affecting us in devil America.

I can go on and on but I must stop here. Thanks for a great post.


Tuesday, December 22nd 2009 at 1:33PM
Siebra Muhammad
Oh Gawd..doesn't it ever end with brothers who have a masculinity problem? oh please. When I was a teenager, I used to debate with Muslims, and they would come up with these silly breakdown of words..since I speak another language fluently it didn't make any sense to me then..and for sure not now.. knowledge vs. information -oh please. Thank God, Allah, that today's real true Muslims are far more intelligent and being an engineer simply means you can follow diagrams,and linear thinking. Wooptie do...now about the power of Goddesses to make you put on a skirt and leap out of a 10 story window.. let's see if you understand that POWER...that is the fear that a lot of males inherently have of women specially when they are very informed, knowledgeable and wield that power the same way Beyonce does the booty hop and women wield their s*xual power over men!! got it? good. This is not meant for MOZELL..he loves women with power! Rare bird.
Friday, December 25th 2009 at 9:09PM
Marta Fernandez
LOL...PREACH SISTER!! From me and you and Mozell's writings in retrospect to his it is clear who is the civilized person and who is not. That brother sounds like a FOOL!!
Sunday, December 27th 2009 at 5:42PM
Siebra Muhammad
Monday, December 28th 2009 at 5:19PM
Marta Fernandez
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