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Had enough! don't understand the politics? try the poetry! (3296 hits)

Why She Staysí

Sting of a slap without reform
A fist closed tight clenching rage
Her flesh weathers yet another storm
Years are not kind from the batterings
They tale their toll
Bruises on skin
Bruises on soul

Contorted reasons on each apology
Her heart will again relent
Itís not love alone that dulls her mind
But the censure of weak consent

Be not her judge for what she stays
There are no rules sheís broken
If guilt be any it lays in hiding
Domestic Violence

Rarely spoken~

Debbie Stevens ©2005
Posted By: Marta Fernandez
Tuesday, March 24th 2009 at 11:49AM
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well spoken from one poet to another. i get the message , been there done that.
Tuesday, March 24th 2009 at 12:04PM
Hiawatha Owens
Tru That!!!
Tuesday, March 24th 2009 at 1:28PM
Siebra Muhammad
"Fell" upon your blog and the title caught my eye. For a minute I was (worried) that those were new lyrics to a Rhianna song. I have to say, I love that we are not judging so harshly, and are at least attempting to understand that choices an abuser makes don't often "make sense" outside of their head -- doesn't mean they enjoy it, doesn't mean they want to stay. Just means that staying is all they (their soul, their brain, their spirit) can know to do.

The mind is so complex... thanks for the poetry moment during an otherwise drab Tuesday!

Tuesday, March 24th 2009 at 3:18PM
Angie Melecio
Hola Angie,

I listened to your whole presentation--love your" corporate voice "as well I recommend this to anyone.
Tuesday, March 24th 2009 at 6:15PM
Marta Fernandez
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