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The Ruling Class Negro - Just Sayin - November 16, 2008 (5026 hits)

There is an old song with the line, “Let’s get it all out in the open.” I keep hearing Bobby Blue Bland, but it could be Johnny Taylor. Any of ya’ll know? Anyway,…I’ve gone from troubled to angry and just a little bit skeered ya’ll. Can somebody please clarify for me just who the… we have become? Not just as black folks but as human beings. Just who was it, which god, that delivered the call to manifest hate, inequity and hypocrisy?

Ya’ll do me a favor? If you have a mirror handy, please go get it. I want to ask you a couple of questions, and I want you to be able to look into your ownself eyes when you answer? Got your mirror? Good; thank you. Now, one more thing first, I want you to take a moment and visualize God – whoever/whatever that means to you. Hold on to your vision, intensify it; consume it and be consumed by it. Now, through the eyes of that image, let’s take a look at our socio-political mindsets and behaviors.

There was a time, in most of our life times, when excellence was not only the standard but also the vision, when our children were loved, guided, nurtured and disciplined by every adult in their sphere. There was a time when we all earnestly prayed that the face of evil in no way resembled our own and cheered equally as earnestly win the victors’, the heroes’ did. My brothers, my sisters, America who have we become?

Yes America. We are America. She could never have obtained or maintained greatness sans our captive blood, sweat and tears. She could not have obtained dominance and respect with out our freely given ingenuity, intellect, loyalty and blood, sweat and tears. We struggled, fought, prayed and died for our part, our claim to the great American Dream and in scant 40 years have bought into, part and parcel, the great American nightmare.

Is this what Thurgood and Martin had envisioned or are they whirling like dervishes in their graves? Were/are integration and equality simply a license to assimilate the nature of fear, hate and self-serving/self-righteous elitism? Did Little Bobby and Fred did George, Jonathan and untold thousands give their passion and their future for our right to become the haters instead of the hated? Were their deaths simply the precursor to the demise of our communities and our culture(s)? Did their valiant combat win us but the spoils of fools? Did so many leaders give their last breath to our becoming blind and vicious sheep following the divide and conquer inequality their sacrifice was intended to destroy?

Are you still visualizing your personal conceptualization of God? Good let’s break all the rules here and talk about that for a minute. Up front, I know little about Islam, so if God, as revealed by those scriptures is a god of hate, ya’ll will have to let me know. Until then, I going to assume that God reveals God in the Koran as God reveals God in traditions I am more familiar with, as Love. The Bible says God is love; the Wiccan Reed says all with love. It is love that balances the human heart with an Egyptian feather, and love that both covers and protects against evil. It would be deceptive to say that love is unconditional. Though love never changes it demands continued and willing stretching and aching, falling and getting up, repenting and growing from any and all who would walk in fellowship. Take a look in that mirror.

Evil abounds; there is no doubt of that. Evil rules by the deception so many have/are falling prey to. We have adopted and engaged evil’s rules in the delusion evil can be beaten at its own game, but it you throw fuel on a hungry fire, what happens? This ain’t rocket science people; this is Jackson 5 – ABC. Consider for a moment what would happen if you offered that same non-judgmental love to those deemed farthest from the mark? What if you showed them by your actions that even rolling in the mud and eating pig slop doesn’t relegate one unworthy of a ring, robe and welcome home party? For those of you who know this story, I need to point out to you that didn’t nobody say, “boy you stink go take a bath. And by the way, don’t use my nice clean water.” Read More
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Sunday, November 16th 2008 at 7:08PM
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You are really venting sis. I ask you to please be clear. I am slow and I need to know exactly what you want me to know. I won't read anything into this offering. Iask you for clarification. I need a cooldrink of clean water...please
Sunday, November 16th 2008 at 9:53PM
I want you to know that civil discrimination against any segment of our society is just plain wrong.
Sunday, November 16th 2008 at 10:41PM
oh. I can understand why...I am not very bias. But I have beliefs in a right and wrong. Ther are some truths that all societies have embraced. Stealing is wrong. Murder is wrong. Now ther are laws against other things that are deemed to be roght for the public good. I may accept and abide by those laws... or I may rebel and break those laws. then again I may reject but live under that law. I think civil rights are granted and endowed. Some like the right to be treated humanly are endowed. Others are granted by the society that the observer lives within. In our society some aredenied rights because of public oppinion. Majority rules..oe supposably. Now i realize that progress is sometimes slow. That those who desire change have to do something to effect public sentiment to cause that change. I have no sufficient answer to that whichthey seek to gain it seems. I ahve made my position clear. I know only that all people deserve to be treated equally under the law. now if we support laws that errode the fabric of society....degrade human beings to the status of animals...then those laws aremorally wrong. Universally wrong. Civil. Thats the stick the flag. Human rights are essential. Civil rights are gifts to eachother. Be civil with me and I'll do the same for you. Because we not only look out for ourselves..we out for the society that we live in. If thelaw is changed Iwill peacably abide. If I wanted to have a law changed I would lobby and protest and pray. Being civil as long as they were civil to me.
Monday, November 17th 2008 at 12:03AM
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