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Are We For Real? - Just Sayin - November 2, 2008 (11603 hits)

Wassup yaíll? Iím so glad youíve stopped by; thank you for taking the time. Hope youíve had a wonderful Sunday. So, how many of you forgot to set your clocks back and showed up an hour early? Iíve done it more than once. Did you know the extra hour to relax lowers the heart attack rate? Itís true. So sit back, relax and enjoy todayís Just Sayin.

I find myself saddened and confused by the things I see everyday. Is it just me; is my imagination running away with me? Or have we regressed into the animalistic? I guess I know the answer to that, in this world where murdered children rarely cause a gasp of horror. I know, I know we all are shocked and sorrowful at the cruel assignation of Jennifer Hudsonís young nephew, but he is one of countless and most die all but unnoticed. Who are we? What have we become and when?

Now Iím not delusional; I realize the insanity is neither exclusive to African America nor can blame be fairly attributed to us. The truth is much of our history was written sans our willing cooperation. Economics, politics even education are the traditional tools of division and debilitation. That out on the table. Why do we continue to accept the ramifications and circumstances that perpetuate them? I remember Bull Connerís dogs and the fear inherent in having a brother riding one of those busses. And as Iíve said before, I remember my motherís scream the night Medgar died, and the threats she braved in the fight to integrate Denver schools. I remember the faces, the lives and too often deaths of countless African Americans who took the responsibility for change. Who are we; what happened to us?

Before somebody labels me racist, I am. The color of my skin has influenced every area of my life; my experience has solidified a number of prejudgments and unfair expectations, positive and negative, related to race. I think thatís accurate of most every American. I donít hate white people or black people; I donít hate people. I have some real anger for the traditions, institutions and misconceptions that led us to here, but this ainít about that. This is about us. While Iím exposing myself, I am also a nationalist. No, I donít believe African Americans should cede from the United States, but I do believe we have to heal and strengthen ourselves before we can significantly contribute to the healing of this nation. Two days from the likely election of an African American president our babies are still dying in the street and rotting in prisons in disproportionate numbers and in disproportionate numbers weíre still lamenting and blaming ďthe man.Ē

We are the legacy of the richest history known on this planet; the beginning of wisdom that children still learn in school and doctors still save lives with today. Where is our power? In the face of more than 400 years of systematic attempted genocide we survived; we grew, fought and flourished against all odds. Many deride the Bill Cosbys; those who call us to again take responsibility for our now and our future and blog about watching unruly teens harass someone from the safety of our car. I know, again, sadly, I know we have come to a place where we often believe it is only prudent to fear our children, and their parents. Gone are the days when the neighborhood took responsibility for itís young. Miz Mary better not chastise Miz Cynthiaís bay-bays, cause thereís likely to be a fight. Are we for real?

America is in trouble, serious trouble. Iím sure yaíll have noticed, but I think the do-do is deep enough to merit calling it to your attention again. America is in deep trouble and if African Americans donít step up to the plate, we will sink with the ship. I want to call a couple realities to your attention. Europeans practiced a particularly brutal form of slavery in America. They are far from the only culture to do so. Get over it; More
Posted By: Michelle Diane
Sunday, November 2nd 2008 at 8:07PM
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