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I know this is supposed to a happy and proud month, but I can't stop thinking about how horrible this month has been to me the last four years. November 18, 2004 I lost someone really close to me to gun violence. I loved him with all of my heart. He ...
Posted Monday, November 3rd 2008 at 11:21PM
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May you please pray for my family and I...? (629 hits)
Early Sunday morning my cousin was shot and killed while his brother was shot and released from the hospital. This is the 2nd son my Aunt has lost due to gun violence. It's time for a chang, but noone seems to realize that. Next Sunday will be the fo ...
Posted Monday, November 12th 2007 at 12:12PM
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2 stressed (476 hits)
Ever since I left home to attend college it seems like everything went down hill. My grandmother calling me getting upset because cause i'm free and no longer in her bondage of staying in the house and being depressed and my boyfriend he just don't k ...
Posted Tuesday, October 16th 2007 at 12:11PM
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2 cute by the water (485 hits)
I always seem to look good by water ...
Posted Wednesday, August 1st 2007 at 10:45AM
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Kool~Aid (512 hits)
My other sister Kool~Aid ...
Posted Sunday, June 24th 2007 at 10:32PM
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My beautiful big sis (499 hits)
Look at my beautiful big sis. Ain't she beautiful? ...
Posted Sunday, June 24th 2007 at 10:32PM
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We so goofy (498 hits)
Me and Breezy Baby. My homie 4 life. ...
Posted Sunday, June 24th 2007 at 10:30PM
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My cuzo Elliott (493 hits)
Get well Elliott! ...
Posted Sunday, June 24th 2007 at 10:29PM
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Once Again (478 hits)
Look at yo girl I stay lookin sexy ...
Posted Tuesday, June 12th 2007 at 8:33PM
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People love hatin' on Seniors (1457 hits)
Thursday is my last day in school, but I have so many haters who wants me to come back next year. I'm not sure how, but my name was put in some drama that I knew nothing about. I know who is saying all these things to the girls. It's so crazy because ...
Posted Wednesday, May 23rd 2007 at 3:02PM
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Is it too late (483 hits)
I think I may have made the biggest mistake of my life. I actually told somebody I would marry them. I mean what was I thinking? But it is all for the better being he is going to be a father, but I'm scared. I'm growing up way too fast and I want to ...
Posted Monday, May 7th 2007 at 3:34PM
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So Innocent (450 hits)
Back when I was so young and innocent. ...
Posted Sunday, May 6th 2007 at 5:06PM
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Homecoming '06 (436 hits)
Ya girl was 2 fly 4 Homecoming ...
Posted Saturday, May 5th 2007 at 12:33AM
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Lonely (405 hits)
Hey ya'll it's me again! I'm now posting this blog to ask my beautiful and handsome friends on here to become my personal friends. I will be a college freshman this fall and will need advice. Who better to ask advice from? I'll answer that: You guys! ...
Posted Friday, April 20th 2007 at 3:24PM
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Who Should Leave (549 hits)
Who do you feel should leave the College Hill house? ...
Posted Thursday, April 19th 2007 at 3:13PM
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Good relationship turned Bad (332 hits)
My realtionship with my boyfriend of 1 year and 7 months has turned bad. He is becoming jealous of my prom date. He gets an attitude when I say I have spoke with him or if I was on the phone with my date right before talking to him. The arguing has g ...
Posted Tuesday, April 17th 2007 at 10:02AM
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Family Issues (368 hits)
I'm a senior in high school '07!!!!!, but anyways, my mind has always been set on me going to a hbcu and only one non-hbcu college. Recently I went to visit Philander Smith College and I fell in love with the school. I went home and told my family th ...
Posted Thursday, April 5th 2007 at 3:30PM
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People in your business constantly (360 hits)
Throught out my four years in high school I have always been approached with the "Oh! I heard you said you did(blank)" or "Oh! I heard you did(blank)". That stuff is getting old and I wishpeople would stay outof my business. If you feel i said someth ...
Posted Thursday, April 5th 2007 at 3:16PM
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