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Dirty South Connect In D.C. area (1577 hits)
If you are in the D.C. Area and attened a HBCU or are fron the Dirty Please Go to this Website and email me to get on my email list for events in the D.C. area. We need to stay connected!! ...
Posted Tuesday, April 18th 2006 at 11:28AM
by: Anthony Jones | post comment
Sunday Morninz (1127 hits)
Black Art, Home decor, Hand Painted teapots, wood sculpture, prints, folk Art, and crafts BY Artist Janie McGee. Commission art and prints. ...
Posted Monday, April 17th 2006 at 2:56PM
by: Janie McGee | post comment
connect/share/experience CLICK HERE (2393 hits)
my website of yahoo group.. why search everywhere for something u want.. ...
Posted Monday, May 29th 2006 at 7:48PM
by: SIE aka george simons | post comment
LaVida Given By Nature, LLC (906 hits)
Homemade, hand made and made for you! All natural hair, skin and bath care products. ...
Posted Tuesday, April 25th 2006 at 2:46PM
by: LaVida Barkley | post comment
Thanks for visiting my Multiply site! (987 hits)
This is where I'm keeping all my stuff ...
Posted Wednesday, May 3rd 2006 at 7:11PM
by: SIE aka george simons | post comment
Find out-of-print titles BOOKS (1181 hits)
look ...
Posted Wednesday, May 3rd 2006 at 7:13PM
by: SIE aka george simons | post comment
Natural Look Skin Care System for women and men (1012 hits)
learn about.... ...
Posted Wednesday, May 3rd 2006 at 7:16PM
by: SIE aka george simons | post comment
travel (1327 hits)
Posted Wednesday, May 10th 2006 at 12:47AM
by: SIE aka george simons | post comment
Blacklight Productions (771 hits)
Committed to the fusion of music, spoken word and other forms of artistry. Check out the next up and coming author, toniwo, new book "That's What You Get For Running With Scissors, Vol 1" ...
Posted Thursday, May 11th 2006 at 11:20AM
by: toni wo | post comment
travel made easy.. (1397 hits)
Posted Saturday, May 13th 2006 at 12:29AM
by: SIE aka george simons | post comment
Houston Fashion and Wedding Photography (1197 hits)
Houston fashion photographer and Houston fashion photography services for models - TX fashion shows, TV, advertising, Head shots, print and events in TX. New Orleans and Baton Rouge Wedding Photographers Baton Rouge Event Photography. Atlanta ...
Posted Saturday, July 8th 2006 at 9:03AM
by: ELLERY DEVANTE HARRIS | post comment
The Humor Mill Comedy & Entertainment Newsletter (961 hits)
The Humor Mill Comedy and Entertainment newsletter is a newsletter thats about the Urban Comic for the general audience. Its for comedians looking for that outlet to be seen,and its also about the Urban Hollywood scene. The newsletter features comedy ...
Posted Monday, July 3rd 2006 at 5:46AM
by: Humor Mill | post comment
Hello fellow colleagues of HBCUs, my son, Zachary a.k.a. Z-FLO is a 15-year old rap artist/producer that will be debuting his first single entitled, "Sholl'iz". Please visit the link above and check out his page and listen to his music and let him ...
Posted Saturday, July 8th 2006 at 3:09AM
by: Bridgette Esters | post comment
Welcome To The K.I.S.S. Agency! (1110 hits)
The K.I.S.S. Agency is "Konnecting Independent & Sharp Singles" in The Metro Atlanta Area. Our clients enjoy the pleasure of meeting singles that have been pre-screened, interviewed, and background approved by their K.I.S.S. Agent. Visit us at www. ...
Posted Monday, August 14th 2006 at 4:04PM
by: Christie Williams
Entitled Professional Development Conference (1188 hits)
Its time to invest in yourself and take advantage of this awesome Professional Development Conference. The conference will be held in Jan 2007 in Cancun, Mexico. ...
Posted Wednesday, August 30th 2006 at 1:55PM
by: Donavan Outten | post comment
Entitled Professional Development Conference (1164 hits)
Its time to invest in yourself and take advantage of this awesome Professional Development Conference. The conference will be held in Jan 2007 in Cancun, Mexico. ...
Posted Wednesday, August 30th 2006 at 1:56PM
by: Donavan Outten | post comment
AJM Custom Publishing | Custom Newsletters For Weddings & Other Special Events (1718 hits)
The famous and infamous aren’t the only ones who deserve to make headlines. You’ve got an important story to tell, too. With a custom-designed newsletter from AJM Custom Publishing you can share the story of your impending nuptials with friends, fami ...
Posted Thursday, November 2nd 2006 at 6:17AM
by: Angela Johnson Meadows
This Book is Incredible !! "Reggie Brown" V-100 Clearchannel (1169 hits)
Developed by producer/consultant Cirocco, whose credits in the music industry is a who’s-who list of names, the “Music Powers” book, in essence, is one of the best reference books available for new talent to make better choices to get in the music bu ...
Posted Saturday, September 16th 2006 at 9:36AM
by: Dante Chestnut | post comment
What if George Bush were a Black Man? (947 hits)
Satirical, yet serious summary of how Bush represents life contradictions. Also discusses states of black men. ...
Posted Monday, September 18th 2006 at 2:02PM
by: Lawrence Watkins | post comment
Renaissance Community Development Corporation (1348 hits)
Empowering All, By Serving All.... ...
Posted Thursday, September 21st 2006 at 6:09PM
by: Karen Travis-Durham
Renaissance Radio 24/7 (1790 hits)
Inspiration 4 Your Soul! ...
Posted Thursday, September 21st 2006 at 7:33PM
by: Karen Travis-Durham | post comment
Renaissance Radio 24/7 (1458 hits)
Inspiration 4 Your Soul! ...
Posted Thursday, September 21st 2006 at 7:35PM
by: Karen Travis-Durham | post comment
HITLIST.com for Music Lovers (721 hits)
HITLIST.com is your single source for music lovers who want to stay on top of the latest new albums and singles released each week. Featuring many genres of music such as R&B, Hip-Hop, Soca, Reggae and much more. Come check us out! ...
Posted Thursday, October 26th 2006 at 6:16PM
by: NICHOLE KNIGHT | post comment
Myspace (2207 hits)
Interested In Joinig Myspace. Have you joined? Need Help with anything? Well click Here. Leave A Comment Please. ...
Posted Thursday, May 3rd 2007 at 4:40PM
by: Nikita bi | post comment
NFL Player and Morehouse Grad (747 hits)
Isaac Keys is a trailblazer; a catalyst for change who had a stellar academic and athletic career at one of America's premier Historically Black Colleges. For speaking engagements, appearances or more information contact: eddie@d4sm.com ...
Posted Monday, November 20th 2006 at 4:52PM
by: Eddie Rhodman | post comment
The Poetry Man (744 hits)
Empowerment Speaker / Poet / Spoken Word Artist / Author Available to speak at colleges, corporate events, grammar schools, etc. ...
Posted Thursday, February 22nd 2007 at 6:20AM
by: April Sims | post comment
Creme Magazine (770 hits)
Crème magazine celebrates the lifestyle of tastemakers, fashionistas, and young professionals with common interests in art, fashion, entertainment and culture. We strive to provide our readers with an inside look at what defines a Crème lifestyle: fr ...
Posted Friday, February 16th 2007 at 5:43PM
by: Reggie Culpepper
BlackMissouri.com (678 hits)
BlackMissouri.com - It's OUR Missouri! ...
Posted Tuesday, February 20th 2007 at 5:46PM
by: Kenya Kimbrough
United Voices for a Common Cause, Inc. (2222 hits)
New organization takes on Black America's challenges. Looking to bring about change and harmony our mission is to restore self-respect, dignity, pride and honor not only for the contemporary Black but for our forebearers as well who for the most part have been disavowed and ignored. Their sac ...
Posted Thursday, March 1st 2007 at 1:43AM
by: H. Lewis Smith | post comment
United Voices for a Common Cause, Inc. (1830 hits)
Support the fight for self-respect, pride, dignity and integrity. ...
Posted Thursday, March 8th 2007 at 12:28AM
by: H. Lewis Smith | post comment
Bury that Sucka (1696 hits)
A Scandalous Love Affair With The N-word ...
Posted Thursday, March 8th 2007 at 12:38AM
by: H. Lewis Smith | post comment
Reflections of "Us" Greeting Cards (1178 hits)
Buy stunning ethnic greeting cards with real-life photographic images of African-Americans coupled with words of love, hope, encouragement and humor. Come see our Collegiate Line of cards with unique messages just for YOU! "Send me some Money!", "C ...
Posted Wednesday, March 14th 2007 at 11:46PM
by: Robin McNeil | post comment
Marvel-us Caps & T's (2362 hits)
Welcome to Marvel-Us Caps & T's. Where you can find some of the historic and authentic apparel from Buffalo Soldiers, Tuskegee Airmen, HBCU's, Negro League Caps & T-shirts and many more apparel. SAVE $5 OFF ANY PURCHASE! Just enter the code "lee07 ...
Posted Sunday, April 8th 2007 at 12:05PM
by: Christopher Marvels | post comment
Honey Magazine (6610 hits)
Honey is unswervingly focused on the issues and lifestyle that define the multi-cultural female -- what she wears, what she wants out of her career, how she connects to others, what she aspires to in life and how she feels about herself. It is aspira ...
Posted Tuesday, April 10th 2007 at 10:28AM
by: Daniel Moss | post comment
Diversity Abroad (914 hits)
DiversityAbroad.com is the international study and travel portal for minority students. Find study abroad, intern, language, teach and volunteer abroad programs. Search for scholarships. Connect with other travels. Get discounts on student travel. ...
Posted Tuesday, July 17th 2007 at 5:32PM
by: Andrew Gordon | post comment
www.eshesleepsets.com (1124 hits)
Give your hair a good night's rest! I am introducing my new unique line of luxurious sleepwear for the hair which comes in your favorite colors. Stays on through the night without tying so tight! Comes in a coordinated set with a travel bag...and ...
Posted Thursday, May 17th 2007 at 6:36PM
by: Lisa Bey
RebuildCreditScores.com (701 hits)
Free Credit Tips! Use these Tips and Learn how to: • Quickly Improve Your Credit Scores • Get Credit Applications Approved • Repair Your Credit and Obtain Deletions • Obtain Bank Accounts while in ChexSystems • Rapid Re-Score Your Credit Fi ...
Posted Wednesday, May 30th 2007 at 2:32AM
by: Lisa Phillips
Black People One (575 hits)
Free to register. BlackPeopleOne Official Site. Meet Beautiful Black people. See photos, social network, watch videos, send messages and chat with thousands of Black people just like you. Find a new and great way to meet New Black people anywhere in ...
Posted Wednesday, June 20th 2007 at 3:22PM
by: Curtis Lilly | post comment
In the back of an Old school chevy riding with murder in the air mixed with pride and fear . How in the world did the choir boy end up in here. All of a sudden my life flashed before my eyes . And I remembered the very first joint that I smoked as a ...
Posted Monday, July 2nd 2007 at 12:19PM
by: Joseph Taliaferro | post comment
WORLD PREMIERE: Rich & Famous Magazine (6304 hits)
Young Entrepreneurs, Young Moguls, Future Executive, the time has come!!! Check out this new Hip Hop Business Magazine geared to advocate success for our young hip hop lovers whom would love the fame, the luxury, the designs but may need the enlightm ...
Posted Tuesday, July 10th 2007 at 11:55AM
by: Jamel Trott | post comment
National Minority Student Database (891 hits)
Scholarships for HBCU Students interested in attending graduate and professional school. Click "National Minority Student Datbase" on the homepage at www.shropshiregroup.org ...
Posted Monday, July 30th 2007 at 1:32PM
by: Sonel Shropshire | post comment
Redesigning Black Unity (1208 hits)
UniTee Design, Inc. is an ethnic empowerment enterprise on a mission: to reestablish black unity; to empower our youth through better educational opportunities; and, to create self-sufficient business models in urban communities that build purpose, pride and power for our people. Be a me ...
Posted Wednesday, July 25th 2007 at 7:37PM
by: Prudee Young | post comment
Teri Woods RELEASES: "PREDATORS" (1353 hits)
All Teri Woods fans she has done it again, released another Street Novel that is going to rock your mind. For more info visit us at the website for latest news ...
Posted Thursday, July 26th 2007 at 2:12PM
by: Jamel Trott | post comment
Uniquely Black. Com (912 hits)
No matter who you are or what you believe in God created the universe.God Can move any mountain that stands before us and open any door man can shut. We would like our on line fellowship to inspire our youth of today with, God, Love, Family, Faith and Education,with these tools we will be able ...
Posted Thursday, August 9th 2007 at 4:57PM
by: Rickie Jones | post comment
Black Business Builders..Become One TODAY. (483 hits)
Become a Black Business Builder today. For the low cost of $7, One-time, Lifetime fee, you can have a business by simply inviting people to join the network. This wonderful opportunity was created by the same gentleman that created Black Business S ...
Posted Tuesday, October 2nd 2007 at 8:30PM
by: Chiezda Washington | post comment
H.E.L.P. (Hip Hop as an Educational Literacy Pro (944 hits)
GET ONLINE AND GET ON BOARD! CaseNEX supports educators through an online, case-based approach. Multimedia cases, or "slices of life," form a realistic connection between professional learning and the complex school environment. Teachers join our collaborative online learning cohorts to s ...
Posted Monday, December 10th 2007 at 3:09PM
by: Doran Gresham Ed.D.
PhxSoul.com - Blog for African Americans in Phoenix (658 hits)
PhxSoul.com keeps African Americans informed about community events, arts/entertainment, nightlife, businesses and organizations and dating issues in the Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area. ...
Posted Saturday, February 23rd 2008 at 9:49PM
by: Tremaine Jasper
Dont Go Greek (978 hits)
I have had 21 years of experience with Greek-Lettered Organizations. Six years as an outsider looking in, five as an insider, 10 and counting as a born again, denounced member. The Book was a six year work. Since then, over 75 new Scriptures have bee ...
Posted Wednesday, February 13th 2008 at 8:34AM
by: Evelyn D
TheGreekProfessional.com (549 hits)
Yes, Its finally here! Dear Black Greeks, The Pan-Hellenic Council finally has a website where we can all come together and network. For over 100 year Black Greeks have been struggling to connect with each other and now with Web 2.0 our time to ...
Posted Friday, February 15th 2008 at 3:00PM
by: Rashad Glover
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